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Starting 1999, Ive been gathering a 8-year equivalent teaching experience at two universities. My main teaching discipline is Sensors and Transducers. Since 2000 I have coordinated the final diploma projects of over 30 students (BSc and MSc level) in the areas of electronics and automation.


globul1a From 1999 to 2008 (with breaks between 2003 and 2005)

A permanent contract as Teaching Assistant (1999 to 2007), then Lecturer (2007 and afterwards) at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering from Valahia University of Trgovişte, Romania



electronics, sensors and transducers,

programmable logic controllers,

microprocessor systems,

control systems,

virtual instrumentation etc.



globul1aFrom 2007 to 2008

A part-time Lecturer contract at the Faculty of Physics, Chemistry and Petroleum Technology from Ovidius University of Constanţa, Romania



sensors and transducers,

measurement and control systems for petrochemistry processes.



globul1aIn June 2010 I presented the lecture Sensors for Microrobotics Applications at the Microrobotics and Self-Assembly Summer School held at Besancon, France.


globul1aIn early 2011 I got the Associate Professor Qualification in the section 61 (computer engineering, automatic control and signal processing) delivered by the French authority CNU (Conseil National des Universits).


globul1aIn May 2011 we co-organized (with my AS2M colleagues) a Tutorial day in Dynamics, characterization and control at the micro/nano scale during the IEEE ICRA 2011 conference held in Shanghai, China.


globul1aIn October 2011 we prepared and exhibited (thanks to my AS2M colleagues) the MagPieR microrobot to the French science celebration event called Fte de la science .


globul1aIn October 2011 I also resumed my teaching activity as a Lecturer at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Valahia University of Targoviste, Romania.


globul1aIn May 2012 our UVT application for the first Romanian ARISS contact (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) has been submitted and successfully accepted. This will allow students and children for a live talk with an astronaut in space designed by NASA or ESA. The contact will be eventually scheduled the spring 2014.


globul1aIn October 2012 Ive got an Associate Professor position at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Valahia University of Targoviste.


globul1aIn September 2013 Ive changed to an Associate Professor position in automation at the National Engineering School of Saint-Etienne (ENISE).






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